Fair Play AMS

The Fair Play Athlete Management System provides a central repository for administrative, performance, training, medical and educational data and resources for elite and developing athletes.

The system’s secure online portal allows easy access to the relevant data for sports scientists, doctors, physiotherapists, coaches, analysts, high performance managers and administrators. The Fair Play AMS gives control of the data back to the users by using flexible and customizable layouts along with robust and rich reporting functionality.

The Fair Play AMS provides a flexible approach to storing training and performance data, maximising the amount of information that can be recorded. Through our close work with leading sports doctors and physiotherapists, we have developed a detailed and complete solution for managing sports medicine aspects of players careers. The data collected is instantly available both for immediate monitoring, injury management and athlete development, and for long term analysis of trends in performance, training and medical data.

The system acts as a key communication and organisational tool for managers, coaches and administrators. Above all the system is a secure way to hold valuable data, ensuring that users can only see what they should be allowed to see.

The Fair Play AMS is a one stop shop for the storage of athlete data across the broad needs of sporting organisations.